GreenValley LiBackpack 50

GreenValley sitt rimligste ryggsekk system med integrert LiDAR.



LiBackpack 50

Lidar ryggsekk system med integrert LiDAR.

LiBackpack 50 enables users to accurately acquire rich 3D point cloud data quickly and efficiently. Integrating LiDAR with SLAM (simultaneous localization & mapping) technology allows for seamless real time SLAM registration and scanning capabilities in both indoor/outdoor environments The LiBackpack 50 is operable in both Handheld and Backpack modes, which offer versatility in a number of applications such as forestry and stockpile volumetrics. Real-time point cloud data streaming via the intuitive user interface to any device allows users a rapid understanding of the 3D environment. During & after scanning, users can instantly visualize data which includes path of travel, intensity and time-stamp information.

LiDAR & SLAM Integration