GreenValley LiBackpack DGC50

Toppmodellen fra GreenValley, LiDAR ryggsekk system med GNSS, 2 LiDAR sensorer og 360° kamera



LiBackpack DGC50

GreenValley sin beste LiDAR ryggsekk system med GNSS, 2 LiDAR sensorer og 360° kamera

LiBackpack DGC50 LiDAR scanning system is the multi-sensor integrated version of the LiBackpack series, including a horizontal and vertical LiDAR sensor, a high-resolution panoramic camera and a precise GNSS module. With integrated SLAM and GNSS navigation technology, it can obtain georeferenced high-resolution panoramic image and high-precision 3D point cloud data even with high accuracy (≤5cm). LiBackpack DGC50 is a powerful tool for powerline inspection, forest management and survey, mining industry, underground space information acquisition, BIM, and so on.

GNSS + Double LiDAR Sensors Integration + 360° Camera

All-environment mapping

Capture 3D colored point cloud data and map any environment with a 10 times higher speed.

High precision

Capture lidar point cloud data with absolute spatial coordinates in centimetre-level accuracy.

High-flexibility operation

Could be mounted on various mobile platforms, e.g., bike, motorcycle, etc.

Software support

Optimize the collected data using the provided LiFuser-BP software 3 times faster.