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Programvare for punktsky prosessering av kraftlinje inspeksjoner og analyser.

Vegetasjonskontroll, fall analyser, fasehøyder, etc, etc..

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Programvare for punktsky prosessering av kraftlinje inspeksjoner og analyser.

LiPowerline offers a complete and intuitive solution for power line inspection from LiDAR point clouds. It includes a powerful toolset for automatically classifying power lines, towers and vegetations, manually augmenting the classification results, and effectively detecting a range of user-defined danger points (e.g., vegetation overgrowth and tree fall). It’s built-in reporting function allows users to quickly generate detailed project reports and export inspection results to KML file format.



Detailed Transmission Tower & Powerline Inspection

Individual Tree Segmentation

Utilize individual tree segmentation to identify danger points i.e., vegetation overgrowth. Metrics include tree location, height, crown size and more.

Analyze Real-World Conditions

Analyze the spatial attributes for each potential danger point. LiPowerline generates a user-defined project report detailing the power line corridors condition.

Simulate Environmental Conditions

Simulate the potential conditions under the influence of different environmental scenarios (e.g., tree fall, future growth, strong wind, ice coverage & high temperatures).

LiDAR360 is a comprehensive software solution that provides tools for efficiently visualizing, generating & manipulating LiDAR data. A free 30-Day trial is available to all first-time users here