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Komplett programvare pakke for post-prosessering av punktskyer fra LiDAR kartlegginger

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LiDAR360 v5.0

Komplett programvare pakke for post-prosessering av punktskyer

Framework – Inkludert

Strip Adjustment, Statistics, Data Management, Classification

Terrain Module – Pris 12.900,-

LiDAR360’s Terrain module contains tools for generating topographic models and vector editor

Forestry Module – Pris 12.900,-

ALS/TLS Forest contains tools for extracting individual tree metrics from LiDAR data.

LiDAR360 is a comprehensive software solution that provides tools for efficiently visualizing, generating & manipulating LiDAR data. A free 30-Day trial is available to all first-time users here 


The LiDAR360 Framework lays the foundation for the entire software suite. With TB-level processing power, the Framework contains tools required for effectively interacting and manipulating LiDAR point cloud data. Functions include data management, automatic strip alignment, and point cloud classification. It also allows users to upgrade to application-specific modules such as terrain, ALS/ TLS Forestry, and Geological Analysis. In the latest version 4.0, LiDAR360 perfectly supports all the attributes of LAS 1.4 (expect the waveform attribute), which meet users’ needs for the attribute extension of point cloud data.

  • Input data from point cloud, models, rasters, vectors and more
  • Classification tools
  • Automatic strip alignment
  • Display by elevation, intensity, category, RGB, combination, etc
  • Display modes: Mixed display, treeID, EDL, Glass
  • Display and measure flight path files
  • Clip flight path


The terrain model provides a series of automatic and manual-editing tools for classifying ground points from LiDAR point clouds. It also provides a set of GIS tools for interpolating surface models (e.g., digital elevation model/DEM, digital surface model/DSM), and visualizing and editing them in 3D. Additionally, it contains tools for repairing surface models from spikes and holes. Furthermore, It allows users to analyze the terrain model to generate derivatives from the surface models, e.g. slope, aspect, and roughness. In the latest version, the change detection and deviation analysis functions to better support users’ needs in different fields, e.g., disaster monitoring, land-use change analysis.

  • Generate DEM, DSM, canopy height models & more
  • Generate and edit TIN models based on point cloud
  • Generate contour lines from rasters
  • Generate TDOM models
  • Calculate terrain slope, aspect, roughness, hillshade and more from terrain surface models




Contour lines

Aerial & Terrestrial Forestry Metrics

The forestry module contains tools to process point cloud data acquired from aerial laser scanning (ALS) systems (e.g., LiAir, LiEagle), terrestrial laser scanning ( TLS) systems (e.g., LiBackpack), and mobile laser scanning systems (e.g., LiMobile). This module provides effective individual tree segmentation and editing tools for all kinds of point cloud data. And users can recover the topographic information with denormalization tool after the segmentation and editing.

  • Height Variables
  • Intensity Variables
  • Leaf Area Index (LAI)
  • Artificial Neural Network Regression
  • CHM Segmentation
  • Point Cloud Segmentation
  • Ground Point Filtering
  • Extract by treeID

Individual Tree Segmentation

Segment individual trees based on point cloud from both aerial and terrestrial LiDAR systems. Supports both CHM-based and point cloud based segmentation algorithms. After the segmentation, users can manually modify the segmentation result to improve accuracy. And then recalculate the individual tree metrics based on the modified result.

Forest Metrics

Automatically calculate forest metrics including elevation, intensity, canopy cover, LAI, etc., and provide regression tools to derive parameters of forests that cannot be directly extracted from LiDAR point clouds, such as biomass and stem volume.

Tree Parameters Extraction

Automatically calculate individual tree parameters based on the segmented point cloud including tree location, tree height, diameter at breast height (DBH), crown area, crown diameter , crown area and so on.

New Features v.5.0:

  • Add geology module
    • Add flow direction funtion
    • Add flow accumulation function
    • Add fill function
    • Add slope/aspect query function
  • Add data IO API for software development
    • Support creating LiData point cloud file
    • Support reading LiData point cloud file
    • Support modifying LiData point cloud file
  • Add powerline module
    • Add deep learning classification of powerline function
    • Add danger point detection function
    • Add customization of the danger point detection
    • Support danger point visualization
  • Add point cloud smoothing function
  • Add trunk extraction function
  • Add elevation annotation points generation based on contour lines function
  • Add new format transform tools
    • shp to kml
    • kml to shp
  • Support background grid display in viewers
  • Support extracting point cloud by Tree ID
  • Support clear individual tree record and segmentation by Tree ID
  • Add calculating forest metrics


  • UI
    • Brand new Ribbon user interface style
    • Support free dragging of child windows
    • Support customization of UI pages
    • Supports automatic hiding of docked window
    • Support one-click industry application processing
  • Strip alignment
    • Add strip adjustment function
    • Support clipping trajectory by quality and selecting with brush on trajectory
  • Directory tree
    • More comprehensive point cloud information display
    • Support selecting version of LAS file when right-clicking to export
    • Support right-clicking to add additional attributes of point cloud
    • Support right-clicking to rename files
    • Support setting the point size of table data
  • Expand the projection library to support more projections and geoid
  • Optimize PCV efficiency and support more point cloud calculations for PCV
  • Optimize ALS automatic individual tree segmentation
  • Improve point cloud attribute extension of individual tree, slope and altitude information is added.
  • Optimize individual tree seed point editing
    • Improve method of profile selecting
    • Improve method of adding and deleting seed points
    • Add viewpoint position and direction for easy positioning of trees
    • Real-time update of attribute table corresponding to seed point modification
    • Support undo and redo
    • Support setting profile view point distance
  • Optimize individual tree point cloud editing
    • Improve method of profile selecting
    • Support creating individual tree by specifying a chosen tree
    • Support setting profile view point distance
    • Automatically save configuration
  • Optimized profile point cloud editing
    • Improve the efficiency of block editing by more than 50%
    • Support mouse position tracking in profile window
    • Support data exporting
  • Add section comparing analysis function in section analysis
  • Upgrade LiModel format to solve the problem of coordinate accuracy loss
  • Reduce the GPU usage rate of point cloud display by 20%
  • Support multiple calls to the same function in batch processing
  • Fix the bug when using cross selection and clipping tool simultaneously