Pix4Dfields – Permanent lisens

kr 27 000 eks. MVA

Luftbåren avlings analyse for framtidens detalj jordbruk. Aerial crop analysis for digital farming.

En programvare fullstendig dedikert til jordbruk, utviklet I samarbeid med bønder, agronomer og avlere.

Pix4Dfields er utviklet for å raskt gi bruker tilgang på nøyaktige plantekart, og har samtidig eit kraftig bruker grensesnitt og mange spesial funksjoner utviklet kun for jordbruk.

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The state-of-the-art photogrammetry techniques working for agriculture. Tackling the industry challenges by converting drone images into orthomosaics, digital surface models, index maps, zones and prescription maps to maximize operational efficiency.

Why Pix4Dfields?

Converting full resolution images into consistent and comparable maps throughout the season with Pix4Dfields.

Instant results
With the new instant processing engine, generate high-resolution maps while you are in the field.

Available for selected multispectral and RGB cameras.

Agriculture intuitive
Layer comparison, zonation and prescription tools to help you interpret and manage your maps better.

Decisions start in the field

Addressing the most common fields of application like digital scouting and crop protection, crop production, insurance and breeding with Pix4Dfields.


Understand your plant’s stress
by exploring the different vegetation index maps.


Link vegetation index maps to plant features
by comparing and interpreting different layers of information side by side.


Crop Production

Obtain management-ready maps
by aggregating information into zones.


Create comprehensive Variable Rate Application Maps
for a more targeted use of inputs.
Connect with your Farming Management Platform
and export any map in various industry standard formats.

Generate maps immediately to validate and sustain your insurance claims with visual proof.


Benefit from a new layer of information in your trials thanks to vegetation index maps and their custom vegetation indices.


Irrigation and erosion control

Detailed Digital Surface Model to plan and manage your irrigation and to structure your field and minimize soil erosion.


3D Mapping

Obtain an accurate 3D representation of your crops and forest to better understand your operation in context.


Use Cases