LiDAR Remote Sensing Payload Instrument (RESEPI)

Lidar system som kan skreddersys for kunde med eit utvalg forskjellige lidar sensorer.

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LiDAR Remote Sensing Payload Instrument (RESEPI)

RESEPI lidar drone payload

Engineered for partners and resellers in the remote sensing industry, the Remote Sensing Payload Instrument, or RESEPI®, is a combined Dual Antenna GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System, datalogger, LiDAR, camera and communications system that allows for the real time and post-processed generation of point cloud solutions. The processing platform contains a WiFi interface, embedded cellular modem to support RTCM corrections, data logging software and gigabit ethernet. RESEPI® can be used with commercially available LiDARs like Velodyne, Quanergy, Ouster, RIEGL, LIVOX, and Hesai. The device was built with the purpose of white-labeling.

RESEPI lidar drone payload

RESEPI® is ALSO a complete remote sensing solution – LiDAR, all required cables, mounting brackets, vibration isolator, LiDAR Calibration, Bore-sighting, Post-Processing (PPK) and Point Cloud software.

Features of the RESEPI

Supported LiDAR Scanners

HESAI Lidar - RESEPI Drone Payload

LIXOX Lidar - RESEPI Drone Payload


Velodyne Lidar - RESEPI Drone Payload

QUANERGY Lidar - RESEPI Drone Payload

OUSTER Lidar - RESEPI Drone Payload


Supported Drones

Many drone models are compatible with RESEPI, here are some of the most popular platforms.

RESEPI Lidar supported drones


RESEPI Workflow

Field Workflow for RESEPI Usage

Data Processing Workflow for RESEPI Usage