HISO LTE – Mobile code detection base station

kr 259 000 eks. MVA

Basestasjon for deteksjon av mobilkode

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This product is used to obtain LTE mobile phone IMSI identification codes in designated areas and can be used for field searches.

The location of the lost contact person’s mobile phone, the location of the lost contact person due to geological disasters, building collapse, and other application scenarios that require locating a certain mobile phone identification code. Provide means for emergency rescue and public security mobile phone positioning.

Compatibel model : DJI M300 RTK


Product Advantages

  • Easy to operate
  • Small in size
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple in structure
  • High security


In The Box

  • High Level Protective Box
  • Instructions
  • Product


  • Overall dimensions: <220mm*210mm*75mm
  • Weight: 2550 g
  • Shell material: Aviation aluminum alloy
  • Power: <30/V
  • Input voltage: 12 VDC
  • Detection coverage: 300m
  • Work coverage: 2 square kilometer
  • Temperature: -15- +45
  • Network format: LTE