HISO NC3 – Emergency Communication Box

Nød kommunikasjons boks, kommunikasjons relé for beredskaps operasjoner.


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Backpack system with built-in onboard communication relay, self organizing network voice console, wearable tablet computer, battery, charger, and other devices in the box. It can automatically charge 6 handheld devices simultaneously and display the charging status in real-time. Wearing dedicated tablets with scheduling and positioning software HS.

The software has user registration and device registration management functions, as well as offline high-definition maps and online high-definition land. The map function has mobile positioning function, which can use the built-in Beidou and GPS chips of the mobile station to achieve precise positioning of the mobile station. It can record the trajectory points of each mobile station and calculate the distance between the calling device and the local machine.

Compatible with: DJI M30-series and DJI M300 RTK

Product Advantages

  1. Backpack transportation, freeing hands
  2. Intelligent automatic addressing completes wireless networking, with the entire network on the same frequency
  3. Fast networking speed, strong independence, high resistance to damage,
  4. Flexible network expansion, built-in charging system in the box which can be used for handheld devices and battery charging.

In The Box

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  • Airborne Power Supply
  • Airborne module size: 80mm•80mm•50mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Power supply method: Input range DC 9-25V
  • Communication distance: 15km@ single, 60km@ six
  • Tiedown box size: 520mm•435mm•235mm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Working mode: Same frequency relay, supporting up to 6 hops
  • Operation temperature: -10°C – 60°C
  • Maximum signal reception level: 7 dBm