HISO QZ-XL50 – Multifunctional PTZ Searchlight

kr 21 800 eks. MVA

Multifunksjonelt lyskaster til DJI M210, DJI M300 RTK og DJI M350.



QZ-XL50 multi-functional PTZ light is a multi-lens combined optical system, with red & blue flash lights and green laser multi-functional PTZ light system. It provides multifunctional service support for patrol, criminal pursuit, PTZ camera fill light, search and rescue, power emergency repair, night rescue and marine lighting, etc. Provide PTZ light azimuth pitch rolling adjustment, automatic follow up camera, brightness adjustment, flash mode, automatic sweep mode and green laser safety lock mode and other functions.

QZ-XL50 adopts advanced heat dissipation technology, has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, and can work reliably in harsh weather conditions. Through DJI SkyPort v2.0 interface, XL50 can be directly mounted on DJI Matrice M210 V2, M300 RTK and other UAV series.

Compatibel models: DJI M210, DJI M300 and DJI M350

Product Advantage

  • PTZ lamp pitch adjustment
  • PTZ lamp roll adjustment
  • Follow up camera automatically
  • White light brightness adjustment
  • Red-blue constant light & burst mode
  • White light constant light & burst mode
  • Automatic sweep mode ( period and angle are adjustable)
  • Green laser safety lock mode

In The Box

  • High Level Protective Box
  • Instructions
  • Product


  • Airborne
  • Module Size: 130mm*160mm*160mm
  • Weight: 685g
  • Power: Self-adapting DJI 12V/17V
  • Light Type: White, red and blue, green and red laser
  • Mount capacity: 3 kg max
  • Installation method: Quick installation
  • Total Power: 48W
  • White Light Power: 50W
  • Red & blue Lamp power: Red 15W / Blue 15W
  • Laser Power: 15W