HISO BK30 – Warning Thrower

kr 12 000 eks. MVA

Last system for DJI M30 og DJI M30T, med varsel lys.

Ekstra frakt tilkommer på dette produktet.




BK30 Warning Thrower is a specialized equipment for M30. Its functions include red and blue flashing lights, a 1-stage projector, and the device adopts a lightweight design with a fast installation method, which can cooperate with other devices to complete complex tasks.

Compatibel models: DJI M30 and DJI M30T

Product Advantages

  • Low power, only 15W
  • Plug and Play
  • 1 cargo per flight


Control Link

  • Engineering mode


  • Single
  • One click full throw
  • Aiming: Laser+H20/H20T camera

High Safety

  • Installation simple
  • Plug and Play
  • Abnormal state alarm


  • M30T PSDK
  • M30 PSDK


In The Box

  • Bayonet Rope
  • Instructions
  • Product



  • Airborne
  • Module Size: 155mm*l25mm*28mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • Power: 15W max
  • Function
  • Mount capacity: 3kg max
  • Installation method: Quick installation
  • Lighting: 25W, red blue flashing lights, 3 way
  • Connection method: PSDK/Single button local mode