kr 12 980 eks. MVA

  • Two in one machine

    Two in one for sound pickup and broadcast. Only weight 140g. Worry-free battery life.

  • Clear sound pick-up

    Built-in and array microphone. Suppress paddle noise. Enhance human voice.

  • Super loudspeaker

    The combination of midrange speaker and the second horn. Sound pressure for speaker 107dB@1m. The maximum distance for broadcast 150m.

  • Color screen handheld microphone

    Visual audio switching. Live broadcasting. loudspeaker of monitor.




Broadcast and Sound Pickup System for DJI Mavic 3E serien

CZI MP10E Broadcast and Sound Pickup System is perfectly adapted to the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drone. The built-in detachable and array microphone uses advanced acoustic algorithms to suppress paddle noise and enhance human voice, and enables long-distance dialogue in the air. The built-in red and blue flashing warning lights can effectively improve the recognition of police drones.

Brand new acoustic structure, optimized mid-frequency performance, with better mid-frequency vocals. Walkie-talkie with standard color screen, live broadcasting, monitoring and external releasing. Compatible with the new czi sound app to provide users with a better application experience.